Good news, everyone!

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Good news, everyone!

Post  Eggy on Wed 18 Jun - 1:38

In lieu of recent events and the "economic" plummet of the fandom, we've decided to revamp the forum after YEARS of inactivity!  In correspondence with our revival we'll be giving the whole forum a fresh layout as well.  I'll be removing a lot of old options and adding new ones too.  Unfortunately, however, I had to deactivate everyone.  In order to avoid unnecessary drama and bad vibes, this forum is invite-only for the time being.

My co-admin and I will be notifying fans that we believe are active and participating members of the fandom via emails with a password enclosed.  Every password is individually handpicked for each member, so no sharing passwords guys!  We will know if you are.  Wink

The layout and functionality of the forum in general is still a little "sticky", so if any of you run into any bugs or anything that looks at all on the wonky side, please let me know!  We currently have a long list of to-dos but we'll be happy to add anything of concern to our members.  Let me know if the buttons look weird or if any colors hurt your eyes, etc.  It's important to ME that YOU enjoy the look and feel of our sanctuary.  Smile

If anyone has any questions or comments feel free to send me or my co-admin, IceyL, a message, or simply host a thread in the "help" category and we will respond ASAP.

Have fun!!
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