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Hello all!

This is a place to talk specifically about the episodes of Ed, Edd n' Eddy.  If you do not see a title of an episode you would like to talk about, please create a topic with the name, season number and the number of the episode (i.e. "Tinker Ed" 5.8a).  If you create a topic and the title is differing from this format, one of the administrators will fix it for you.  If there are duplicates of the same episode, either myself or Eggy will delete the newer post, so PLEASE check and double check before you post a new thread.

You are allowed to discuss anything related to the episode in question, that includes possibilities of shipping material.  However, please do not start ship wars or begin arguments, any disagreements on ships or relations between the characters should be taken to private messages or the "Pairings and Slash" board.

i.e. If someone posts a statement on shipping that you disagree with, like: "This is the episode Eddy and Double D kissed in and I think that really confirms their relationship!"  Please do not respond to them on this board, go to the "Pairings and Slash" board and make a new topic such as: "Your Ed Here, what did the kiss really mean?" OR send this person a private message.

I only say this because I don't want the board to get clogged up with debates over ships, that's what we have the pairings board for.  However, I do not want our episode discussions to exclude relationships between the characters, those are important! Smile

Thank you for your cooperation,


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