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Post  IceyL on Mon 28 Jul - 19:07

Hello everyone!

Here are some rules that Eggy and I expect of posters in this board.

1. Please use only ONE thread per story, that means you will be posting all of your chapters and continuations in the SAME thread.  For example, if I was posting a fanfic I would make a post labeled "Hotboxed Ed" and place all chapters in that thread.

2. Please label your topics according to title, genre and ship/pairing if it applies, for example I might post "Hotboxed Ed - Romance & Drama (Eddy/Edd)"

3. Please indicate if the story is NSFW by stating so in the FIRST LINE OF THE POST in BOLD.

4. To avoid clutter and chaos while people are attempting to read your fic, please make a seperate thread for reviews labeled with your fanfiction title and the word 'REVIEWS' immediately after you post your fic. i.e. "Hotboxed Ed REVIEWS"

5. If you have a writing prompt or request you would like to ask of people, please feel free to post an abbreviated general idea as the topic and the words 'writing prompt' or 'request' after it. For example: "Jimmy and Sarah run away to join the circus - Request"

Any other questions or comments?  Feel free to PM me.

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