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Here are just a few rules to keep in mind when you are posting to the fanart board:

1. Make a thread with your username and the word "artwork", "art", "drawings" etc. (you can get creative with this) For example I might put "IceyL's Gallery"

2. PLEASE label your thread if you plan on making it NSFW, if you would like you can make two threads, one for your SFW art and one for your NSFW art.  Please indicate which it is in the title for example: "Icey L's Gallery: NSFW".  You are only allowed 2 personal fanart threads, any others that you make will be deleted.

3.  Differing from the Fanfiction board, if you would like to comment on artwork that someone has submitted, you may do so in that person's artwork thread.

4.  If you would like to request fanart from anybody or maybe post a drawing prompt, feel free to by posting the general theme as the topic and the words 'drawing prompt' or 'request' next to it (i.e. Eddy and Edd skipping in a field of flowers -Drawing prompt).  Then explain it in further detail within the post.

5. Please be respectful as many artists have worked hard on their creations, if you would like to give some constructive criticism, you are free to do so.

There is a difference between constructive criticism and tearing down someone's work.

Constructive Criticism:

Person A: *Posts a picture they have worked on, it's not that amazing but they are a beginning artist*
Person B: Wow, you must have worked very hard on that!!  The scenery is very well done and detailed, I noticed the proportions are a bit off, I have noticed if I draw out a faint outline it improves the drawing tremendously.

(Focus on the positives then give a negative that they can improve on)

Being a dick:

Person A: *posts some artwork, once again it is not advanced but they are just starting out*
Person B: Oh wow u suck plz never draw ever again.  my eyes hurt so bad cuz ur art is so gross.  imma go wash my eyes out now lol.


Just be respectful and understand that not everyone has worked on their skills for years.  Also, ONLY come to me with a conflict related to the topic above if you have felt like you have been insulted PERSONALLY.

Thank you for your cooperation!


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