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You are free to create a roleplay of any ship, topic, genre, mature or not, it goes.  As long as it is EEnE related, no issues here.  However there are a few rules I'd like to lay down.

1. Please label your RP with the title and if applicable, the ship(s) used.  The genre doesn't have to be listed in the title, because I know roleplays can go from drama to romance to comedy all in one sitting. Please label your NSFW roleplays by indicating wether it is NSFW in the first line of your thread. I know sometimes it doesn't start out as a NSFW RP, but please, when something sexy, violent etc. does occur please edit your first post right away.

2. Don't discuss anything out of character, this rule is in place to declutter the threads for people who are reading the roleplay.  This way we don't have to go through several posts of "out of character" talk between the authors.  You can either PM your respective roleplayer OR you can post in the "Roleplay Discussion" forum and use that as your jumping off point for your roleplay ideas.

3.  Try to keep this RP space more in character, if you want to do something a little more off the wall, feel free to head over to "Out of Character Roleplay".

If you have any questions, comments or suggestons feel free to contact Eggy or myself.


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