How to Start a Roleplay (Easy ABC123)

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How to Start a Roleplay (Easy ABC123)

Post  Eggy on Sun 14 Dec - 17:37

-Eggy's guide to starting a roleplay-

So you wanna start a roleplay.  AWESOME.  That's exactly why I made this forum in the first place, so people will have a place to roleplay.  Here's my simple step-by-step guide on how to get the ball rolling... and start roleplaying!

Step 1) Suck it up.

You're nervous, I get that.  You're literally 99% of the fandom.  Everyone gets nervous about jumping into roleplaying, but everyone loves doing it anyway?  It's just silly; don't let your nerves get the best of you and miss out on the fun.

Step 2) Decide.

Now that you've gotten over the tremendous daunting task of steeling your nerves, it's time to decide what kind of roleplay you're into.  Make sure the genre and pairings (if any) are included in your thread post.

Step 3) What?  Post?  Yes.  Post.

Make a LFR (looking for roleplay) thread here in RP Discussions.  Be as detailed as possible and 99% of the time someone will respond quickly, because like I said, nobody wants to ask but everyone likes doing it.

Final Step) HAVE FUN

Once people start RPing regularly more and more will be inspired to join in.  Have fun, guys!
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