LFR: AU; The Eds and the Kankers run the school! B); eventual EddxEddy

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LFR: AU; The Eds and the Kankers run the school! B); eventual EddxEddy

Post  CyanideFilledCandy on Wed 17 Dec - 14:48

Soooooo, I had this idea for a fic, but think it may make a decent roleplay.

It's an AU where Double Dee didn't move to the Cul-de-sac. Due to their scamming ways and lack of social graces, Ed and Eddy still wind up ostracized and bullied by their peers. Getting a pep talk from Lee Kanker, thinking of his brother, and just plain getting tired of everyone's crap, Eddy decides that he's had enough. During a scrap, he and Ed retaliate in a fight, with Ed fighting to protect/impress Eddy and Eddy taking it a step further. This gives Ed and Eddy a reputation as "bruisers" and people start to fear them. Eddy eventually starts hanging out with Lee more and the two eventually become a couple. (I was thinking of Marie "dating" Ed first, but quickly getting annoyed with him, so she "allows" May to date him, but that's up in the air.) The combination of the Kankers and the now thought to be deadly Eds leaves everyone in fear, and they wind up "running the school".
3 or 4 years later:
Edd arrives to Peach Creek, moves to the Cul-de-sac, and starts attending Peach Creek High. He is quickly warned to stay away from the Eds and the Kankers, which he happily does (being a pacifist and all). But, what happens when a teacher approaches him asking him to tutor Eddy? Shocked 

((Yeah, so this starts as EddyxLee, but I'm thinking will eventually turn into EddyxEdd.))

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