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Welcome to Pairings and Slash, a place where you can discuss any sort of ships you may have.  Whether you're into EddyEdd, EddEd, EdEddy...or even BroEdd, Edt3, KevEdd or SarahJimmy, RolfJimmy, a giant orgy with all the characters.....THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS.

As for the rules, I understand we do not all agree on which ship reigns supreme, so in the event of a disagreement it is imperative that we focus our disagreements on the ship itself and not on the person.  That means no personal attacks.

This is the CORRECT way to respond when in disagreement:

Person A: "I really love KevEdd and I think they'd be so perfect together!"
Person B: "Ehhh...I think Kevin is too much of a bully and has no interest in Double D, and they don't really have anything in common"

This is the INCORRECT way to respond:

Person A: "I love Sarah and Double D they are so cute together!"
Person B: "Hahahaha you're fucking scum, who believes that?  God who would be so stupid?  Oh, that's right...it's you!! HAHA YOLO BITCHES *skateboards out the door*"

In the event that your ship does get slammed and you feel personally attacked because of it, please only come to me if someone has DIRECTLY insulted you (as in the example stated above).

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